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About us

JCSC “Beltelecabel has been working at the market of Republic Belarus since 1996 being a resident of free economic zone “Minsk”. The main direction of its activity is production and sale o We produce:

  • power cables up to 1kW with number of conductors from 1-5 cross-section up to 240 mm² with circular and sector-shaped conductors in different design with low smoke- and gas emission (-LS), not emitting  corrosion-active light-end product during combustion and smouldering(– HF),  including flame-retardant (–FRLS;–FRHF), with low toxicity of combustion product (-LSLTх), and also armoured cable with and without cable shielding:f cable and wire production.
  • self-supporting insulated aerial wires  СИП-1, СИП-2, СИП-3, СИП-4 with suspension on supports and elevation of buildings. Wires of СИП type are certified and recommended for using at the projects of OAO “Rosseti”. In 2014 JCSC “Beltelecabel” received the Certificate of conformity to EC Directives requirements 2006/95  of Prague electro-technical union (EZU)  for self-supporting insulated wires. 
  • optical fiber cable for laying in cable ductwork, tubes, collectors tunnels, for laying cable directly into the ground, for suspending on supports. Optical fiber cable for indoor installation for local network FTTH. Optical fiber self-supporting cables are certified and recommended for using at the projects of OAO “Rosseti”.
  • telecommunication high-frequency digital cables for subscriber access with transmission rate up to 2048 kBit/s, telephone cables with a small number of pairs for telecommunication lines and installation of radio on residential distribution network from terminal device to telephone subscriber, telephone office cable for inside plant installation, local telephone high frequency cables for lines of interstation and customer communication, telephone mine cables for local communication in explosion hazard zones and in area with chemically active substance.
  • signal and blocking cables with different design with low smoke- and gas emission(-LS) not emitting  corrosion-active light-end product during combustion and smouldering (– HF), with water proofing elements.  Signal, centralization and blocking cables  with wire armouring. Cables meet the requirements of European standards.
  • cables for local area network (LAN cables) up to 25 pairs.

High quality of production is provided by new equipment produced  by the leading foreign companies Maillefer (Switzerland), Rosendahl Maschinen (Austria), NIEHOFF (Germany) , SAMP (Italy), row materials and innovation materials produced by Cоrning Incorporated (USA), Borealis AG (Austria) and others.

Our factory laboratory is accredited in accordance with ISO IEC 17025 standards and performs all kinds of finished product tests.

Our enterprise since the moment of its creation and for more than 20 years manufactures the production of the highest quality. All production is certified in National certificate system, meets the requirements of Customs union technical  regulations ТР/ТС 004/2011 “Low-voltage installation safety”. Its quality is provided by Quality management system, which was in 2014 successfully   recertified in accordance with requirements of ISO 9001:2008, СТБ ISO 9001-2009 standard.

JCSC “Beltelecabel” is a member of International Association “Intercable”, Elektrocabel Association, Association “Belcable”.

JCSC “Beltelecabel” is a constant participant of international specialized exhibitions of cable production, prize winner, contest laureate including the largest exhibition “CABEX”.

Among the customers of our enterprise are large industrial establishment of Belarus, Russia and CIS, such as “Beltelecom”, “Belenergo”, “Belorusian railway”, “Belelectromontazh”, “Rostelecom”, “Gasprom”, “Russian railway”, holding MRSK

Our address:  

JCSC “Beltelecabel»

Selitskogo str. 21/5

220075 Minsk


Our telefax: +375 17 299 68 22